The Relationship between Obesity and Hormone Replacement

This post is a follow up to our May post  on obesity. Why am I so concerned about obesity as it relates to hormone replacement? Because the science shows us that there is increased risk for patients who are insulin resistant, maintain high blood insulin/glucose values and have increased visceral adipose tissue (VAT).… Read the rest

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Natural Estrogens: Benefits for Postmenopausal Women

When talking about a woman’s hormones, the term “estrogen” is frequently used. Estrogens are steroid hormones present in both men and women, but at significantly higher levels in women of reproductive age. But, do you know that there are three types of estrogens found in the human body?Read the rest

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Is Hormone Replacement Safe? Are we safe from ourselves? There is no blame game. It is up to each one of us.

I started consulting patients almost 16 years ago with a focus primarily on women (my practice now includes men and even teenagers) and the use of bio-identical hormones. Prior to this time I was a “mainstream pharmacist” who owned a community pharmacy.… Read the rest

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Please come back again soon!… Read the rest

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